Serman & Associates provides an Escrow service which incorporates a high security custodial facility for technology assets, financial instruments and intellectual property.

Provision of an escrow agreement adds value to our clients as they are able to market their business as one that secures and safeguards its software and investments for the benefit of third parties.

We provide the following Commercial services:

  • Protection of software, financial assets and negotiable instruments for third parties and/or financial institutions
  • Safeguarding of intellectual property rights for owners and users
  • Protection of source code for the benefit of both developers and end users
  • Safekeeping of drawings, sketches and plans
  • An escrow contract that can be modified to meet specific client requirements
  • A vault that is secured with state-of-the-art electronic devices
  • Direct billing to the elected escrow party
  • Quarterly updates to ensure the security is current